3 Fun Things to do in New York City (Other than Times Square)

Although I live in Washington, DC, I frequently take weekend trips to New York City. While I am there, I have made it a hobby of mine to find the "hidden gems" in the city that are both fun and away from the busy New York crowds.

Taken at The Color Factory

The Color Factory

The color factory is a playful interactive museum, dedicated to seeing the color around you! It is located in Soho, NYC and is great for Instagram pictures and just pure, youthful fun! Of course you can go by yourself, but it's always fun experiencing it with someone else!

The Color Factory

Bite Lip Lab

I sing nothing but praises to the lipstick store that allows you to completely customize and create your own lipstick shade and finish from scratch! (Pro Tip: schedule ahead of time, it's get really crowded!) is also located in Soho, along with other pop-up cosmetic stores like NARS foundation matching, Clinique skin labs and one of my favorites: Glossier!

Lip Lab by Bite Beauty

Attend Special Conventions

I absolutely love to attend special events hosted by my favorite brands, and they just so happen to love hosting in NYC convention centers. I have attended Broadway Con and just recently I attended the first annual Essence Beauty Carnival!

Essence Beauty Carnival 2019

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