How LadyBossBlogger Helped Me Utilize Pinterest To Grow My Blog

Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to possess, that seems to come naturally to other people but doesn’t necessarily work for you? Well, that was figuring out how to leverage Pinterest as an influencer for me. As a fashion blogger, Pinterest can be an amazing tool used to draw people to your website and promote your services, and since that is the goal, I wanted to make sure I secured my visibility on the app.

As I have seen success in other online platforms, I tried to build my Pinterest presence intuitively, but it just didn’t work for me. After failing to do things my way, I watched online tutorials and applied their advice, but things for me on Pinterest went nowhere. So, like any prideful person, instead of trying again, I removed Pinterest from my website’s social bar and focused on the platforms that I felt were growing at a sufficient pace.

LadyBossBlogger stopped me in my tracks and told me to BACK UP and try again after taking their course. Along with many other gems, I learned to build and maintain a strong presence on Pinterest, and, needless to say, Pinterest made its way back to! Since completing the course, and applying what I’ve learned, my page grew exponentially in a short time.

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Thank you, LadyBossBlogger for supplying me with so many helpful tips to ensure my online success!




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