Loving on Myself a Little Harder: Updated Skincare Routine

Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.

Okay fam, let's talk skin!

We all have it, and growing up, mine was the envy of my adolescent peers because of its clear and even tone. However, as I grew older, and experienced hormonal and environmental changes, my skin developed mild acne that left behind hyperpigmentation. At times, I was tempted to feel "ugly," but instead of developing a negative self-image, I sought products that would relieve this issue. Flaws and all, my skin is a part of me, and the reality is that as you grow older, your skin changes. This is just an opportunity to work harder at nurturing healthy skin.

I recently made it a priority to get revitalizing facials once a month, by my go-to esthetician at Georgetown Salon Spa. Along with this treatment, although the treatment alone does wonders for the skin, the skincare routine you follow at home is what maintains it, and ensures the skin's progress. I have cultivated for myself a routine that focuses on deeply moisturizing and detoxifying the skin, and here are the products that do the job!



To give perspective on a skincare "journey," I think it's worth mentioning the skincare products and tools that I no longer use:


  • Spinning facial cleansing brush- for me, this cleansing tool stores bacteria and can even cause bacteria rather than remove it.

  • Physical exfoliant- beads or crushed ingredients unknowingly causes small incisions in the skin and spreads bacteria around skin causing more acne.


  • Washes and Lotions that contain any perfume- perfume in soaps irritate and inflame my skin

Note: I have dry combination skin, and your skin may be different than mine. These products may not be compatible with your skin. But, most of these products are made with natural ingredients, so at least you don't have to worry about the harsh chemicals!



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