• Tiffany D. Harris

Ask a Stylist: Tip to Make your Online Shopping Experience Better

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Okay fam, I’m about to spit a super hot fire tip for remaining happy with your online clothes shopping. You ready? Ard...ehem...hmm...ehhmm...know. your. measurements! 🤯... I’m not a rapper. (If you know, you know.)

Mkay, back to my point. By a show of hands, who in this very moment knows the diameter of your shoulders, bust, natural waist and hips?  If you can’t honestly raise your hand, follow up question: how many times have you had to send back a clothing item because it didn’t fit well? 

If the answer is along the lines of “multiple times, sis” then keep reading.

Online shopping can be tedious because unlike a physical store, you can’t try the pieces on! So, to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase, and that it remains in your closet, most online stores offer a “size guide” or a “sizing chart.” This is a feature that is often looked over, but is crucial in making sure the garment fits your proportions the right way! 

Most size guides offer a range of measurements, and the corresponding letter or number size. (Because there is a range, it is an imperfect science) but once you know under which size you best fall, selecting your pieces would be much easier. 

Another perk from knowing your measurements is that after a while, you can pick up a trend in sizing for the stores you shop at. In other words, once you know your proportions, you’ll start shopping at stores that you know cater to your specific body type. 

Check out this diagram showing the different horizontal body types:

Did you find yourself on there?

*Keep in mind this is a general diagram, and there can be hybrids of each body type, and there is a store and size guide that caters to EVERY shape and size!

In my styling services, I teach YOU how to shop according to your body type and proportions, and where to shop that sells the best clothing and accessories for these proportions. Click here to get started!

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