My Time at BeautyCon LA 2019

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. -Coco Chanel

With my virgin Remi bundles laid, face beat for the Gawd and my fly fits, I was off to California and ready to conquer the biggest beauty event of the year, #BeautyConLA! As one who values both beauty and wellness, and is in constant pursuit of its endless intersections, the experience was my personal Utopia. I’m talking exclusive interviews from the most relevant celebrities on the main stage, elaborate photo-ops from top beauty brands, and my personal favorite: a tote full of FREE MAKEUP AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS that I’m sure will last me until August of 2020!

As soon as the pre-sales began in May, I snatched my Hauler ticket with the social meet-up add-on, which bought me the time of my life! Above is me getting my life while telling you guys how much #CantuBeauty has helped balance my hair‘s moisture, and has solved most of my bald-headed problems.

There, I was able to network with my favorite ethnic haircare lines and organic/plant-based beauty brands whose partial proceeds are donated to public health causes that I am most excited about! Needless to say I was in my element! Pictured above is myself in the #SheaMoisture booth, flicking it up and expressing to them their responsibility for my GLOW, honey!

I was able to meet some of my favorite influencers and celebrities. Pictured above is #AshleyEverett, choreographer, fashion entrepreneur, and Beyoncé dance captain. We got to hang with her over at Cantu Beauty for a meet-and-greet. Sis was TONED and do you see how our colors play off of each other? Kindred minds!

#PriyankaChopra enchanted me with her defined features, tall and mysterious demeanor and deep, yet soothing voice. We met in the #BeautyConPOP room, and she was the perfect picture of confident femininity. I adored her fireside chat about her definition of beauty. My summary: to be beautiful isn’t just what you see on the outside, the amount of complements you get or the amount of heads you turn. True beauty is also the light you bring to the world, the gifts you possess and the influence you have on those around you.

The event was hosted both days by my absolute favorite talk show host from The Real, #JeannieMai!! She’s bomb, and she even twerked for us, haha!

(Fun Fact: For every visit I've made to LA, Jeannie has been present in one way or another. I visited The Real talk show during my first visit and she was there, I attended an event during my second visit and #MamaMai and her brother were there, and on my third visit, here is sis hosting BeautyCon! I'm not sure what that means, but it is funny to think about!)

We had guests to hit the stage like Huda Kattan from #HudaBeauty, Ariana Huffington, and Meg The Stallion, but my favorite panel was the “Powerful with Purpose” panel featuring #MarsaiMartin #LizaKoshy #WuzzamSupa #AngieNwandu and moderated by the one and only Cardi B publicist, #PatienceFoster where they chatted about following your passion while following your purpose in life, but also leaning into the confusion of now and embracing your journey to success.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up while hearing their stories. Like many young millennials, the “now” of my life is thinly connected to my idea of my end goal, but it was encouraging to hear that they’ve ALL felt the same at some point during their journeys, and, by just the point of them sitting on that stage, IT DOES GET BETTER!

After the great pictures and emotional conversations about purpose, your girl had to check a 40-pound suitcase filled to the brim with nothing but beauty products! I may need a neck brace from just carrying it through the airport doors, but I wouldn’t change the experience for the world!

My trip to #BeautyConLA allowed me the space to be myself! I was surrounded by intelligent women who not only owned their inner power but their physical beauty as well. There were so many varying expressions of beauty present in the space. Which further empowered me to own my unique style and the way I express my self, and to show up as myself everywhere I go, unapologetically. Do we really need to ask if I’d be returning next year?! But for those who are curious— WE IN THERE....

...AND guess what! After my very turbulent flight back to Washington, D.C. I started thinking, why wait until next year to get in on the good stuff? I want to share some of my free stuff with you now, so I'm hosting a little Giveaway!! To enter for a chance to win a bag full of goodies, you must:

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Dassit! Good luck ❤️

Cheers to beauty, life, wellness and self-expression!



2019 by Heyyy Mrs. Harris